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Rocky Michaels is a California born acoustic singer-songwriter. His folkstyle music has been influenced over the years by such artists as The Eagles, James Taylor, John Mellencamp and John Mayer - to name a few.

Rocky began playing piano at age 5 and crafted his skills into songwriting throughout high school. After college, he co-formed a rock & roll band with friends and began playing gigs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. During this time, while they enjoyed a growing following of their live performances, their style of music was labeled a bit "too derivative" by some record execs.

This turned out to be a pivotal experience as it eventually helped inspire Rocky to cultivate his own true sound and expression with his future songwriting skills. His bands' first song ever to be played on the radio was "Burning Heart", with both lyrics and music written by Rocky, himself. Being the lone piano guy in the band with other guitarists, Rocky soon became interested in learning guitar and using this additional instrument to expand his repertoire of songwriting possibilities.

Over the years, Rocky has been able to tap into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics in storytelling that audiences have found to be both engaging and relatable.