'SOMEWHERE' Song Review

I'm so honored to have received the following review for my song, 'Somewhere':

Rocky Michaels - 'Somewhere' 

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff 

Rocky taps into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics and authentic storytelling for a music experience that is engaging and relatable. A great way to get acquainted with Rocky's appeal is through his uplifting song "Somewhere." 

Through his song “Somewhere” Rocky Michaels spreads a positive message of hope and togetherness. The song opens with a softly strummed acoustic guitar and fullness added from electric guitar. Dexterous acoustic riffs fill in short gaps in the intro and work as a killer transition into the verse. 

As Rocky enters, his warm and inviting, heartfelt vocals take the spotlight giving you goosebumps with his crisp timbre. Throughout the song, Rocky ebbs and flows through verse and chorus as he paints a picture of “somewhere,” a place of equality for all. Seamlessly transitioning from verse to chorus Rocky sings the poignant lyrics with down-to-earth expression and grace. 

“Where you can shake your neighbor’s hand across those bridges And you can share a common view atop those ridges Where one plus one becomes more than two, and you can learn from them and they from you Someday I’m hoping there we’ll be Somewhere for you and me.” 

As the song progresses, further additions of stellar guitar riffs and gentle vocal harmonies keep the energy building before ultimately breaking into a crunchy, melodic guitar solo. With it’s catchy melodies, great hook, and wholesome lyrics, “Somewhere” is a song we can easily relate to in these hard times. Offering a simply musical vision for a better future, Rocky Michaels neighborly song, "Somewhere", is a message of unity that uplifts the spirit, fills the soul with hope, and mends broken bridges.