Debut Album

It's finally here! While it seemed like forever, it was only a year ago that I began recording my songs for ultimate release into this debut album. Three of my ten songs on the album were from previous years that I felt I wanted to share while the remaining seven songs were all written within the past 12 months.

It''s been such a rewarding experience and journey along the way. I found the process has really required me to take inventory of my thoughts, my hopes & dreams and attempt to express what's important to me through my lyrics and songs.

I've quickly learned that the same song can bring about entirely different opinions from listeners, curators and record labels. However, I've also determined that this is perfectly OK. At the end of the day, this is a representation of who I am. I do hope my music might move people in some positive way and make them feel emotions, but if it doesn't, then I'm thankful that at least the songs were given a listen. Music has the ability to offer such a wonderful connection that can transcend race, religion and geography.  While we each may have our individual preferences in styles and genres, we all have the opportunity to let music in, share it with others and make us feel alive.  

I feel very fortunate and honored to be able to share my small part in it all.