Rockin' the Red Carpet!

What an amazing experience having attended the 2023 International Singer Songwriter Awards (ISSA) show in Atlanta, GA this past weekend! This is an international organization 19,000 strong….and growing! I've enjoyed following so many other artists on social media and some…

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Outdoors Again!

After 13 months of pandemic living, it felt sooo great to finally be able to play outdoors! COVID safety protocols still remained in place, but it's the start of the thawing out process.  Furthermore, I felt very fortunate to have…

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Debut Album

It's finally here! While it seemed like forever, it was only a year ago that I began recording my songs for ultimate release into this debut album. Three of my ten songs on the album were from previous years that…

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'SOMEWHERE' Song Review

I'm so honored to have received the following review for my song, 'Somewhere':

Rocky Michaels - 'Somewhere' 

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff 

Rocky taps into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics and authentic storytelling for a music experience…

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Lemonade out of Lemons

The current pandemic has disrupted us all and impacted our lives in countless ways. The loss of loved ones and permanent emotional and physical scars to those left behind seem absolutely unimaginable. The word 'heartbreaking' doesn't really seem to give…

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The Power of Hope

Times are often faced with various challenges, but at this moment in time it seems like the challenges are even more pronounced.  The irony of an event such as a global pandemic is that the very thing that requires us…

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As we close out the year - and decade, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on all the positives!  Sorry negatives, I know you're around but you've just got to take a backseat here!

First and foremost, I'm…

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I'm excited to have just released the first of several songs today on Spotify and other streaming services! While my primary love is writing and playing songs, so much is to be learned on the business & marketing side.


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Recording Session

Yesterday, I had an awesome session with Jacob Light at ModernTone Studios! It was such an amazing experience to see my babies (aka my original songs) come to life and grow up. For so long, I've been playing them acoustically…

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International Singer-Songwriter's Association

As I prepare to record some of my favorite song tracks over the next few weeks, I'm excited to network with some great organizations. Today, I'm happy to be a new member of the International Singer-Songwriter's Association and look forward…

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