1. Hanalei
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(Lyrics & Music by Rocky Michaels)

Heading down the Kuhio highway,
‘cross the bridge toward the ocean sky, hey
To a little town called Hanalei
The northern edge of paradise,
A stop at Jojo’s for shaved ice and
All my worries so so far away

Where the water’s crystal clear
And the troubles disappear
Everything’s fine here in Hanalei

Back at home it’s a different scene
Concrete jungles replace green
Sometimes it’s just so hard to breathe

Run through life and race for gold,
Same ol’ story way too old
Mmm, I need to find my own reprieve

Searching for some zen
Like I had back then
Searching for my own Hanalei

I see those misty mountains in my mind
and feel the weight of madness left behind (Hey yeah yeah)…


Close my eyes and I see the trees
Coconuts swaying in the breeze and
The warm sand between my toes I feel
Now I keep it with and hold it dear
But Hanalei’s there not here
Ooh need to find my way back for real

‘Cuz when that sunshine’s on my face
I’ll be back in my happy place
I’ll be back in Hanalei
Yeay-yeay, my Hanalei

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