Post-election infection

It’s post-election week in America as I write this blog. Sadly, we’re witnessing a period of tremendous divisiveness and corrosiveness in our society right now.  

We live in the “United” States of America, a name formally declared by Congress back in 1776. While diversity and ideological differences have always been a part of our society, at the end of the day we are still American brothers and sisters living together in a nation calling for liberty and justice for ALL. 

I realize that one song or one lyric is certainly not going to change the world. Nonetheless, our current climate right now has inspired me to compose my latest song, “The Golden Rule”.  At the risk of being too pollyannaish, it’s a simple message to treat others as you’d want to be treated. 

To wear down the badness inside, and tear down the walls that divide, do unto others as you’d want done to you.” 

Wishfully thinking, the more we can all keep this idea in the forefront, the more it will serve as a reminder of how we can live together peacefully while still respecting our differences. 

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