Lemonade out of Lemons

The current pandemic has disrupted us all and impacted our lives in countless ways. The loss of loved ones and permanent emotional and physical scars to those left behind seem absolutely unimaginable. The word 'heartbreaking' doesn't really seem to give it justice. This, above all else, is really what matters the most while everything else can be viewed as just a temporary nuisance in this moment in history.

However, in this moment we find ourselves having to adapt to a new sense of normalcy. Until and unless a vaccine becomes available, gone will most likely be those traditional handshakes, the jam-packed crowded events, classroom education as we knew it, walking freely around the supermarket without our protective masks, etc. and so much more.

I have recently begun performing a few livestream events - replacing those physical venues of the pre-covid 19 era. Admittedly, the loss of being able to see the crowd's faces and read their body language has been an adjustment for me. However, just like the charges in atoms, the negatives here are offset by some positives (<-- OK, chemistry was not my strong point...I had to look this up to be sure!) On the positives, I get to share music from the comfort of my home, no real cost exists, I can perform anytime I'd like, and of most importance to our dog, he gets a front-row view every time!

So, in the midst of some really horrible lemons now growing on the trees, the opportunity still exists to enjoy some lemonade. I hope everyone stays safe and sound!

Drink up! :)

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